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PY-M8-F Series

 PY-M8-F Series

Model / Type PY-MD8N-F PY-MMD8N-F
Detecting Distance 2mm 1mm
Mounting Mode Unshield Shield
Connection Cable Type (DC 3cores Dia. 4mm)
Supply Voltage 10-30VDC
Control Output NPN/PNP.NO/NC Transistor Open Collector NPN/PNP.NO/NC Transistor Open Collector
Output Current (MAX) 200mA
Current Consumption < 8mA
Leakage Current < 0.1mA
Residual Voltage < 1.5VDC
Response Frequency 400Hz
Reverse Polarity Protection Equipment
Short Circuit Protection facultative
Hysteresis 10%
Ambient Temp/ Humidity -10°C to 55°C / 35% to 85% RH
IP Protection Category IP67
Size Dia./L M8/50mm Dia./L M8/45mm
Remark DC two wires type and Supply power 5VDC Type are availiable

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